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PhD scholarship in ethology

lagt inn 21. jun. 2014, 00:59 av Gry Løberg   [ oppdatert 21. jun. 2014, 01:00 ]

The Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) has a vacant 3-year PhD position focused on canine ethology.


The Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences is recognised as a leading international learning institute focused on higher education in animal and aquacultural sciences. The ethology group, comprising three professors, one associate professor, two post-doctoral researchers, and multiple PhD and Master’s students, provides a stimulating and supportive research environment. In addition to working closely with ethologists specializing in canine ethology, the student will have the opportunity to interact with department faculty conducting research on canine genetics and nutrition. The department has a vigorous post-graduate student community, and is active in the teaching of courses and continuing education programs on canine ethology and breeding for behaviour consultants, dog breeders and trainers, and people using dogs in animal-assisted therapy.

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