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Postdocs, PhD students and technicians wanted!

lagt inn 15. feb. 2013, 07:04 av Randi Helene Tillung   [ oppdatert 15. feb. 2013, 07:15 ]
Within the framework of the ERC-funded project "Genetics and epigenetics of animal welfare” (GENEWELL), we will expand and strengthen our research group:
  • Post doc: epigenetics of stress in chickens. (IFM82013800009)
  • Post doc: behaviour genetics of dogs. (IFM82013800010)
  • PhD-student: epigenetics of stress in chickens. (IFM82013800007)
  • PhD-student: behaviour genetics of dogs. (IFM82013800008)
  • Research engineer (1:e forskningsingenjör): lab management and method development. (IFM82013800071)
  • Research technician: breeding and assistance in chicken projects. (IFM82013800070)
  • Research technician: assistance in dog projects. (IFM82013800069)

More information and application instructions at contact Per Jensen:

GENEWELL researches genomic and epigenetics of welfare, behaviour and stress in chickens and dogs. It builds on an active research program developed over ten years :me, and you will be working tightly together with other people in the AVIAN Behaviour Genomics and Physiology group, led by professor Per Jensen. The group runs cutting edge chicken facilities and a well equipped molecular lab, and dog research infrastructure will be built up by the successful candidates.

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Randi Helene Tillung,
15. feb. 2013, 07:09